About Guru Ji

Well-versed in Scriptures and a proponent of the teachings contained in the Hindu holy book of Ramayana, Maharaj Ji always advocated his disciples to follow the righteous path. A devout karma yogi, he always stressed and expected his disciples to actively take part in ‘Shramdaan’ (Physical Labor), ‘Seva’ (Service) and ‘Bhajan’ (Prayer). He regularly emphasized on the ideology that the body was a mere outer shell for the soul and its purpose was only to fulfil the noble tasks proposed by the almighty. At the same time we must not forget to thank the Lord for making us what we are today.

The Early Signs of Spiritual Enlightenment

Born in a remote village of Kimsar, in the state of Uttrakhand, Maharaj Ji was drawn towards spirituality from a very young age. His first experience with a divine force came as early at the age of six. His spirituality quotient grew from there on and it was not long before he was discovered by Gomti Das Ji (also known as Bade Maharaj Ji). He adopted Maharaj Ji and brought him back to Porbandar and from this stage on it was the beginning of a long journey towards sainthood. - The Journey which time and again tested his resolve whether he was ready to endure the hardships which would come in the way of achieving his destination. As expected Maharaj Ji overcame every obstacle and his progression towards sainthood was complete when his Guru Gomti Das Ji attained Nirvana.

Beliefs and the Spiritual Sojourns

A staunch believer in the Ramayana and its teachings, Maharaj Ji was instrumental in regularly organising Akhand Ramayana Paaths. He would every now and then also embark on Spiritual sojourns to some of India’s holiest sites. Be it the ‘Prayag’ or the ‘Haridwar’ Mahakumbh or Amarnath or Kadarnath & Badrinath shrines or Jagannath Puri in Odisha, Maharaj Ji was always at the forefront of leading his devotees to the holiest and the most pious religious congregations in India.

Journey to Pushkar and ManSarovar

He undertook an arduous pad yatra (On foot journey) from Porbandar to Pushkar with his devotees. Covering nearly 40 Kms everyday it was a 935 Km journey completed in as less as 25 days. But that was not the end of it. In 2005, he undertook the journey to Mansarovar. Considered to be the holiest of all Hindu pilgrimages it is a holy lake situated at the foot of the Kailash Mountain, the holy abode of Lord Shiva. The journey was considered by many as a miraculous feat for he took along with him a group of as many as 30-40 people and every one of them came back to tell their tale. (For there is a belief Mansarovar keeps back one or more members of a group back with it. Making it their final resting place)

In January 2012, Maharaj Ji attained Nirvana but he still continues to live in the thoughts and memories of his disciples through his teachings and ideologies.

~ Jai Gurudev Jai Maharaj Ji ~